Further and Further Off The Beaten Path

As so often happens when you are an obsessive internet surfer, one thing lead to another and I spent a hefty chunk of yesterday reading about Tusheti, a remote area of Georgia near the border with Dagestan and Chechnya.

I ran across the travelogue of a family from the UK, who actually get to go to some of the places I am so far just reading about. Their blogs are really quite enjoyable; here’s one that offers up some helpful advice for visiting Tusheti.

A Range in Tusheti
(image by By Wim Koolhoven from Enschede, Netherlands, via Wikimedia Commons


They also have a series of blogs on travels in other areas of Georgia and beyond.

(image By Lidia Ilona (Tusheti) , via Wikimedia Commons)

Very Responsible Driver Wanted

A Road in Tusheti.
(Image by By Paata Vardanashvili from Tbilisi, Georgia (http://www.flickr.com/photos/paata/1114263618/), via Wikimedia Commons

In the mood for a lazy Sunday drive? Too bad.

Check this out: a video of a drive over a mountain pass┬áin the Georgian Caucasus. At times, the road appears to be cut through A GLACIER. (Update: turns out that is “just” leftover snow from the previous winter. So kind of the beginnings of a glacier in a way, and intense nonetheless.)

Totally hardcore. And something you probably can do only in the summer.