Book Review: Bahama Saga

The book for country #11 is Bahama Saga, the epic story of the Bahama Islands by Peter Barratt.

My first experience with a self-published book.Verdict? A mixed bag. Well written history, with a little narrative fiction tossed in to keep the story moving. But then all of the sudden…a sex scene?

Not against that as a general concept in any way, but in this particular situation…jarring is the word that came to mind. Awkward is a close second. An editor would probably have given the idea a thumbs down.

That oddness aside, it was an quick read and an solid introduction to the very interesting history of The Bahamas.

The Bahamas
(image by Ginger Me, via Flickr. Creative Commons license)

Country #11 – The Bahamas

Country #11 is my first Caribbean destination: The Bahamas. Very excited to visit; I spent a lot of time in that part of the world during my rowdy youth…