Country #37: JAPAN!!!

I’m so excited about this next one that I’ve actually delayed digging in…why do some of us do those sorts of things to ourselves? Anyway.


I admit to a life-long obsession with Japan. My dad lived there for a few years before he married my mom, and some of my earliest memories are the stories he told me about it. He was in Gunma Prefecture, up in the mountains…tales of hot springs, the shrines, the villages…pretty much set the stage for the best daydreams for an already day-dreamy kid.

And yet, somehow, I still haven’t seen it all myself. That’s one of the reasons I’m so thrilled by Japan popping up as my pick now; 2017 is the year I hope to make the journey. An auspicious sign, yes?

Since speed is obviously not a thing with this blog, I might just linger here for awhile…