Let Our Fame Be Great by Oliver Bullough

I just finished my “detour” book (Let Our Fame Be Great by Oliver Bullough) a few minutes ago, and if I were a professional journalist or writer I would wait a little bit to talk about it. But I’m not, so I won’t. I probably should though; I still have a few tears in my eyes.

I’m a bit more prone to choose non-fiction over fiction; in novels, I often feel trapped or bullied by the voice of the author. That of course can happen with non-fiction, but it’s easier to ignore. Not a problem with this book – the author is someone I came to like and trust almost immediately. He tackled a huge, sometimes terrifyingly brutal topic and treated it with amazing sensitivity and openness.

I’m trying to stay away from writing standard-issue book reviews; the world is full of self-appointed experts and critics and it sometimes drives me crazy. Suffice it to say, I highly recommend this book. It’s not an easy read in an emotional sense, but the knowledge gained is well worth it.

Summer in Svanetia, Georgia. View of Caucasus Mountains.
(Image from Wikimedia Commons)