Going in two directions at once

Researching this first book was a pleasure – a country like Egypt is fertile literary ground. As I mentioned before, the problem lies not in a lack of options, but in which direction to go.

But why limit myself? I’m going to read two books! It’s not impressive as it sounds – there will be one “main” text, and then more of a crafty project book in the background…

The featured “serious” book is Children of the Alley by Naguib Mahfouz. About a minute into my research it became clear that Mr. Mahfouz is a creative force that that cannot be ignored. A winner of The Nobel Prize in Literature, he is an absolute heavyweight of a writer, and I’m a little embarrassed to never have read any of his work. An oversight that is going to be quickly remedied, indeed.

The secondary book is Write Your Own Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Angela McDonald.        Just because it seems like fun.

Country #1 – Egypt

Nothing like starting off big.The first country is…Egypt!

Talk about choices – I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by 5000 years of history right now…which direction to go? Recent events? The Pharaohs? I’m not sure at all.