Moldova – Trying to Work It All Out

Some general observations about Moldova:

It is the poorest country in Europe.

The biggest economic drivers are agriculture and remittances from the large segment of the population that has gone abroad to find work. The latter, combined with rather large organized crime networks, leaves the door wide open to human trafficking.

Many of the blogs, videos and general musing from Moldovans seem to be tinged with a dark sense of humor and an ability to see reality flat-on. I totally appreciate that. The country has its struggles, many of them profound, but people don’t want to be totally defined by the tough stuff. And they shouldn’t be.

It seems…quiet. It’s amazing what the world is like when there aren’t cars everywhere…

(We’ll talk about Transdneister tomorrow)

Moldova Brings the Hats to the Party

As a resident of North America, I know almost nothing about the Eurovision Song Contest but I must say if the Moldovan entry from 2011 was representative of what goes on, I’d tune in every year.

After further YouTube research, it became quickly apparent that is not the case.



And a Marsh View too…

Continuing on from yesterday’s musings…people want to live in pretty places. And there aren’t many places that are lovelier than the Lowcountry coastline.

A digital acquaintance of mine is driving around the US on his motorcycle, and recently took some beautiful photos that really capture the feel of this area. He’s just a tiny bit south of the Gullah / Geechee homeland but the essence is still the same…

A Marsh View
(image from Into The Blue Again)