Back to Singapore – but just for 24 hours

For a guy who likes to kvetch about the banality of basic cable hosts, he sure has a lot of shows on…The Travel Channel.

Anyway, Anthony Bourdain has a new show called The Layover, and one of his first stops is Singapore.

Singapore Panorama
(image from Wikimedia Commons)

Country #4 – Singapore

Singapore is in the house!

Hmmm…off of the top of my head, what do I know about Singapore? It’s a city-state, close to Malaysia. You can’t chew gum. They publicly cane people for breaking the rules. I always order Singapore noodles at my local Chinese restaurant.

I feel confident that there is a lot more going on than that…We shall find out…

Flag of Singapore
(image from By US CIA (The World Factbook) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)