Reading Guadeloupe: The Bridge of Beyond

The Bridge of Beyond by Simone Schwarz-Bart, translated from the French by Barbara Bray.

John Updike reviewed this book for The New Yorker. He wrote “The book’s gift of life is so generous, and its imagery so scintillant in the sunlight of love, that we believe every word.”

Yep. This book has power. It’s beautiful, and sad, and so many, many things. Read it this summer, outside in the heat, and let it flow over you.

“Behind one pain there is another. Sorrow is a wave without end. But the horse mustn’t ride you, you must ride it.”

Toussine, The Bridge of Beyond
Waterfall la Lézarde
Waterfall la Lézarde (image by Bobyfume, via Wikimedia Commons)

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