Reading Mongolia: The Blue Sky

I went on a bit of a reading binge with Mongolia, and it started if off in the best way possible. First of the pile was The Blue Sky, by Galsan Tschinag (translated by Katharina Rout).

It’s the first installment in an autobiographical trilogy, and one of two in the trio that have been translated from German. Why German and not Mongolian or Tuvan or some other Central Asian language? All part of the tale, my friend, and you know I don’t like to give anything away.

It’s a beautiful story, written by a fascinating, insightful author. I feel like every book I pick up has the potential to change me; some do and others, not so much. This one definitely did. It opened my eyes in a way I’m very grateful for. Oh, and I cried for like a day after I was done (the ending is heartbreaking), and it was totally worth it…

Yurt on the Mongolian Steppe
Yurt on the Mongolian Steppe (image by P.Lechien [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons)


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