Thinking Ahead: Cook All The Things!

I am a bit of an obsessive about lists, so I love this time of year. Lists of presents to buy, places to go, gifts to ship, and my very, very favorite: goals for 2018. I love that!

I don’t feel bad if I don’t conquer that last list right away; I look at resolutions for the new year ahead as pleasant aspirations, not mountains to conquer. Even if I never quite hit the actual mark, I’ll have made some forward progress in my life nonetheless. My biggest challenge is to not over-commit; I get so enthusiastic about all of the things I would love to do, and the delight of that fresh start of a new calendar…I want to tackle everything!

Not a good idea, of course, so I’m publicly proclaiming my intention to focus on…FOOD.

More specifically, cooking for The Global Reader. Despite the very best intentions, I’m exiting 2017 18 countries behind – kind of dilutes the power of my tagline, doesn’t it?
“Reading (and eating) my way around the world super slowly and out of sync” just doesn’t have a compelling ring to it…


So. Time to tackle the backlog. I’m going to invite people over to help me cook, photograph, and eat all of the good things waiting on my attention.
Global Sunday Suppers!

Here’s a list of the countries we’ll be working through over the first half of 2018:

Trinidad & Tobago
Costa Rica
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Cayman Islands
South Africa
Hong Kong
New Zealand

That’s a lot, but because I am who I am, I’ll also wrap up a list of recipes from a British Monarchy Cooking class I took last year, and possibly an Ancient Roman dinner, and a Harry Potter-inspired menu as well. I hope to add more fun stuff like those to my cooking experiences, so if you happen to have a time period/literary character/movie/anything you’d like to tackle…let me know. Let’s cook all of the things!




2 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead: Cook All The Things!

  1. betsaronie November 27, 2017 / 12:37 pm

    Please put me and Jesse on the list for these sunday suppers!

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