A Few Hours in Paris are Better than None…

I’m a little more than halfway through my trip to Scotland, which I’m not going to ponder too much. Reality – go away! I’m going to stay! Anyway…on to blogging. (Posting straight from a small cafe on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh.)

This adventure started with a bonus stop in the most magical of cities…Paris.

My husband and I jumped at the chance of some time in the city, thanks to a long layover. It was our first visit, and we don’t know much French, so we took the stress off ourselves and hired a private tour guide. We only had so much time, and didn’t feel like wasting it being confused. Best decision we’ve made in a while? Yep!

I’m going to do a longer post just about the specifics of our short stay, and the luck of finding such a great tour guide, but that’s another day. And another blog: I’ve had plans for a travel blog brewing for awhile, and after this trip, I’m finally ready to commit!

So, for now, here’s a glimpse into our day…

There was a beautiful sunrise, but the closer we got to Paris, the clouds closed in. It was a bit like flying into a dream.

Our guide picked us at the airport and we were off to Montmartre!

Lots of tourists!

Look my feet are on the ground in PARIS!!!

A path for next time…you can only see so much on a layover

This is a total “that’s what she said” thing to say, and also sort of silly, but up close the Eiffel Tower was much, much bigger than I expected it to be. Here’s a long distance shot…

Back at the airport, and to one of the best pastries I’ve had in a while – a not-too-sweet apple tart.

I appreciate the French attitude towards food: eat good stuff, and not too much of it.

Next stop: Edinburgh!

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